Four Steps to Register Your Trademark

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Trademark registration, maintenance and enforcement is what we do. We have nearly thirty years experience assisting companies with their brands in the US and all over the world. Companies serious about their Intellectual property trust Cohen Business Law group for all of their intellectual property needs. 

- USPTO Website (2017)

Step One: Knockout Research

We conduct an initial "Knockout" search to determine whether there is any identical or obviously similar prior use of your mark even before we get started.  

This step is crucial before you begin expending significant time, energy and resources toward building a brand in order to form properly form a preliminary opinion as to the availability of your mark.

Step Two: Comprehensive Research

Once you pass the Knockout search, the next step is to procure a full US or International search for other uses of your Mark specifically in the products or services you intend to offer. 

Only with a proper comprehensive search can you be sure that you have done everyting possible to avoid unintenional infringement of a trademark in use by another company and the possibility of a claim against your company.

We work with the worlds top trademark search providers to ensure that your search is as comprehensive and as specific to your intended use of your Mark as possible.  

Step Three: Application

Adversarial Process 

The goal with any trademark application is to prepare an application containing all of the elements necessary to limit  or eliminate the risk of recieving any office action in response. Office actions cause delay and additional expense and can constitute a complete or final refusal of your application. Selecting proper International classes and carefully drafted descriptions for each class are key factors in avoiding office actions.

International Classes

Determination of the proper International Class for your trademark is one of the most crucial steps to the successful registration of your Trademark. Errors in your selection can result in refusal of your application, cancellation of your registration or insufficient protection for the goods and services that you offer or intend to offer in the future. 

Proper Descriptions

Changes to the description are the basis for a significant number of office actions issued to applicants. Having a proper description in compliance with the Trademark Examiners Manual can help avoid the delay and expense associated with an office action in response to an improper application. 

Step Four:
Respond to Any Office Actions

Even the most complete applications may, on occasion, receive a response from the assigned USPTO Examining Attorney requiring a timely formal response. The failure to respond fully, properly, completely or sufficiently will result in the refusal of your application. 

The response submitted is a formal legal document upon which will result in a futher and potentially final action. Careful consideration and preparation based upon esisting Federal legal precident containing proper legal citations is crucial to the liklihood of prevailing.

When you choose Cohen Business Law Group as your counsel to prosecute your trademark application we stand ready to represent you in response to any Office Action as well. 

Trademark Application:

  • Application Preparation Fee                   $1,250.00
  • Single Class USPTO Filing Fee                    $325.00
  • Knockout Research                                    Included
  • Legal Advice and Consultation                 Included
  • Optional Comprehensive Search              $700.00
  • Total Starting At:                                    $2,275.00
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