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Our legal professionals are standing by to provide the answers you need to properly incorporate your business today. Successful incorporation requires thorough and thoughtful consideration of your plans for the future of your company based upon the legal and business experience that comes with decades of experience assisting hundreds of companies. Once formed, we stand ready to assist with all aspects of operations, finance, intellectual property protection, growth and exit.  

Step One: Forum Selection

Consultation with experienced professionals before you form a new entity can be the difference between efficiently moving from formation to operations and a false start that eats up valuable time and resources. 

If you are seeking venture, angel of even crowd source investment explaining a false start is never comfortable and could jeopardize your success. New companies need not give up equity nor commit to unreasonable expenses to obtain this advice from any new generation law firm.
The first step to consider is often overlooked. That is, the jurisdiction in which to form the entity. Many factors come into play in making this decision including taxation, compliance and liability.
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Step Two: Entity Type

Your choice of entity type is one of the most important early decisions you will make for your business. It requires a full understanding of the requirements, benefits and detriments of each type of entity and the options available to you.
Failure to choose the entity type that best matches your plans can cause delays and expenses which could otherwise be easially avoided. Choosing an entity that is not ideal can prevent you from taking advantage of certain cost savings and other advantages as well as create unnecessary questions in the minds of your investors.
Once you pass the Knockout search, the next step is to procure a full US or International search for other.
  • Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company
  • General Partnership
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship
Entity Types

Step Four: Compliance

Our business formation services are designed to give your company the best, most well considered formation possible so as to avoid false starts, inconvenience and questions which may distract you or your investors from your primary focus - getting from startup to operations and profitability.  
Once set up correctly, annual, bi-annual and occasional maintenance should be as cost effective and distraction free as possible. Our unique in the industry, shared file system, calendaring and automated maintenance systems are intended to accomplish these goals and help keep you focused on your mission. 
Decades of intellectual property experience allow us to guide you through all business name, trademark, domain name copyright and patent issues that may arise.
While we take advantage of the efficiencies of automation and technology we are always available for direct personal consultation at any time and for any reason. Cohen Business Law Group has represented many companies for decades. CBLG - A new generation of legal service.


Business Formation Checklist

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Step Three: Formation

Once proper decisions have been made as to Forum Selection and Entity Type, forming an LLC, LLP or Corporation is accomplished by filing articles with the state in which the entity is to be formed. 
Determining the number of shares to authorize, par value, whether the entity is to be member managed or manager managed are all required by most states. Of course, we assist with all aspects of formation to ensure you understand the effect of each choice
Only with proper guidance as to each of the issues involved in creating a new business entity can you be sure that you have done everyting possible to allow you to focus on the business of your company.  

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