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Our legal professionals are standing by to provide the answers you need to properly incorporate your business today. Successful incorporation requires thorough and thoughtful consideration of your plans for the future of your company based upon the legal and business experience that comes with decades of experience assisting hundreds of companies. Once formed, we stand ready to assist with all aspects of operations, finance, intellectual property protection, growth and exit.  

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It's not whether you have them, it's the work that you put in to create a set that you can live by...

"Our lawyers are trained to work with clients to develop documents that tackle the hard questions while they are still easy to answer. "           ~ Jeffrey A. Cohen


A Corporation is the most formal of all business entites. WHile often favored by investors, corporations require the most formality in operations and compliance. 


Limited Liability Companies offer many of the same liability protections as corporations but are less formal in their structure and more flexible in compliance. 


Partnerships are the default business form for the mutual operation of a business. Partnerships require the least formality and compliance. 

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