Business Litigation

Litigation is rarely a first choice to resolve a dispute and can be disruptive to your plans and your allocation of resources. We work with our clients to fully consider not only the matter at hand but overall business strategies toward reaching the most effective and efficient resolution possible.  

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Managed Complexity

Litigation strategy involves more than simply litigation experience. It requires an in depth understanding of your business, your processes your procedures and or course your opposition, combined with a level of strong creative confidence that sets the stage for success.


Litigation goals must remain flexible throughout each matter depending upon the success achieved and risks identified along the way. Attorneys handling litigation matters must not only have the skills necessary to pivot but the vision necessary to determine when the pivot is necessary or helpful to improve your position. 


Litigation requires the ability to get creative with the tools presented in any given case. Listening carfully and considering how tesimony and evidence can be used and presented is key to successful dispute resolution whether by negotiation, arbitration, mediation or litigation.

A Winning Combination

Our team of outstanding litigators has achieved success for our clients for over three decades through litigation, arbitration, mediation and negotiation. Where trial is necessary we stand ready to bring the experience, talent and strength reqired for success in whatever form it presents itself. 

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